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    October 2021 Newsletter

    This month we share our industry predictions for 2022. As we continue to improve upon our work and differentiate ourselves, the conversations we’re driving are focused around leading with simple and relevant concepts and allowing ‘news’, announcements, exclusives and other parts of a story to organically reveal itself. A modern approach and the one that successfully grows authentic brand narratives.

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    September 2021 Newsletter

    As of September 22, Fall has officially arrived (and officially ends on December 21). We are charging full speed ahead; working remotely and travelling to meet our Clients throughout the US. September was abundant with preparation around big announcements including Locus Robotics’ acquisition of Waypoint Robotics – the leader in autonomous mobile robots for fulfillment warehouses acquiring an industry leader in industrial strength, autonomous, omnidirectional mobile robots, and also securing $50 million In additional funding to accelerate global expansion. On the other end of the promotional celebration spectrum, we launched Devereux’s first-ever and highly anticipated pickleball collection, had a string of successful events in London with cult-favorite Marfa Stance and are gearing up for marathon season with performance sock leader Feetures. Thanks for reading this month’s newsletter and we’re looking forward to continuing to make news, newsworthy. Til next time…

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    August 2021 Newsletter

    What a season! We hope everyone is staying safe and living a healthful lifestyle. August may have been the last official summer month for many of us but in PR our 2022 planning has been well-underway, we’re in full-on Holiday mode on behalf of many of our partners and heavily focused on company marketing. We are pleased to present another great month of press coverage for the Brandstyle portfolio featuring some particularly celebratory highlights including a coveted spot on the Inc 500 list, a CEO sit-down with MSNBC’s Morning Joe Co-Host Mika Brzezinski Scarborough and a compelling thought piece that looks at ransomware attacks through a new lens. Get in touch with us today to talk about what’s needed to communicate your company.

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    July 2021 Newsletter

    Welcome back to our monthly newsletter! We’re always proud to share our work; how we position and talk about companies and the outcome of what that looks like in the media. A brand story can be told in so many ways. We look at prioritizing what matters most, who the audience is and how and where we need to tell it – all expertly crafted on behalf of great companies. We’d love to share with you how we share stories. Get in touch with us now to start strategizing!

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    June 2021 Newsletter

    We are excited to continue to share our great work each month. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the Brandstyle process and how we play a role in the success of the world’s greatest brands and companies. We look forward to connecting with you.