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November 1, 2023

November 2023 Newsletter

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  • As PR people we talk a lot about how to insert clients into the media zeitgeist. What’s the tenor of the market? Key issues companies are grappling with? A TikTok trend? The styles are myriad, but the goal is the same: ride the wave of an existing macro trend and insert your client into the conversation. It’s not easy. First and foremost, a client has to have something interesting to say. Then we can get to work.

  • But how do you make the zeitgeist yours? Brandstyle Communications had the distinct pleasure of being at the center of a zeitgeist-defining moment recently securing the cover story of the Sunday Business section of The New York Times for client Roarke Design Studio, a New York-based commercial design company. The article, titled The Envy Office: Can Instagrammable Design Lure Young Workers Back? with subtitle: If your feed makes the corporate life look stylish, it’s just another evolution in the long history of the American workplace, quickly went viral, getting picked up by various news outlets and social media platforms and resulting in a follow up article that interviewed the writers titled Inside the ‘Envy Office,’ Reporters Find a Trend, and a Story. The article was researched and written by two of the newspaper’s key journalists – the Business Reporter covering workplace culture and the future of work and the Reporter for the Real Estate section.

Press placements in top tier media outlets that are earned through long-standing relationships with the most important decision-makers and gatekeepers of today’s media garner business-changing results for companies and their stakeholders. We don’t view a piece of press coverage as just a ‘media placement’; we establish your narrative, raise your company profile, establish and sustain industry authority and create an organic tool for further amplification around stakeholders, for sales teams and on social media channels. In the case of Roarke Design Studio’s New York Times article, the outcome of this one article was the feature story on LinkedIn News, a post on the New York Times Instagram page, a subsequent profile in Fast Company, an exclusive invitation to be a lead presenter at SXSW in March ’24, a segment on TF1 – the largest television station in France – as well as multiple inbound queries by companies seeking to hire Roarke for high profile projects in the US and abroad.

FHF’s Berry Crush Lip Kit was featured.

Feetures Elite Ultra Light Socks were mentioned.

Locus was featured for their work advancing cobots to promote efficiency and improve worker safety.

Roarke was featured in the NY Times for an office design / back to work piece.

Rowan’s Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings were featured as well at the journalists in-store piercing experience.

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