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September 1, 2021

September 2021 Newsletter

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As of September 22, Fall has officially arrived (and officially ends on December 21). We are charging full speed ahead; working remotely and travelling to meet our Clients throughout the US. September was abundant with preparation around big announcements including Locus Robotics’ acquisition of Waypoint Robotics – the leader in autonomous mobile robots for fulfillment warehouses acquiring an industry leader in industrial strength, autonomous, omnidirectional mobile robots, and also securing $50 million In additional funding to accelerate global expansion. On the other end of the promotional celebration spectrum, we launched Devereux’s first-ever and highly anticipated pickleball collection, had a string of successful events in London with cult-favorite Marfa Stance and are gearing up for marathon season with performance sock leader Feetures. Thanks for reading this month’s newsletter and we’re looking forward to continuing to make news, newsworthy. Til next time…

The COVID pandemic has been an extreme time for the beauty industry. Business and financial insiders provide insight into the how the industry is coping post COVID.

Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics, joins Cheddar to discuss the company’s acquisition of Waypoint Robotics, its $50 million funding raise from Tiger Global, and what the future of warehouse automation looks like.

Philadelphia-based car wash membership startup EverWash raised $5 million to continue its explosive growth and hire more staffers.

Feetures was included in this roundup of performance socks, highlighting their technology and superiority as the best workout socks.

Two Phoenix brands, Devereux and Manor are included in a roundup for best new fitness gear with their collaborated Arizona themed capsule collection.

Garrett Wade’s French Made Butcher’s Sticking Knives were featured in this grilling roundup noting a first hand account of the product and quality materials.

Rivalry’s CEO, Steven Salz’ commentary was featured in this article detailing our responsible betting practices amid the rapid growth of this youth-fueled industry.

Devereux’s new Pickleball Collection is featured in this article where the focus lies on Golf brands that are participating in the uprising trend of the Pickleball sport.

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