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September 1, 2020

September 2020 Newsletter

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Happy Fall from the Brandstyle family – we want to express gratitude and appreciation to all of the individuals who inspire and embolden us in so many ways. This month’s newsletter shares more proud moments of the exposure and awareness our talented Team has made happen in September.

We also had the opportunity to speak with The PR Net, the global network for the marketing, communications, events and media industries about the state of public relations, media in 2020 and our approach to continuing to do the work that we get to do on behalf of the great clients and brands we get to work with every day. We’ve included a highlight from that interview and look forward to sharing new insights over the coming months.

“People are consuming more content than ever – it’s really a dynamic time for PR. The importance of cultural relevancy is critical to advance brand positioning. Brandstyle has always been adept in driving these types of big-picture stories and we are successfully continuing this approach on behalf of our great clients. As long as media exists, PR exists.”

As always, we encourage you to get in touch with us to talk about your business, learn more about our process, what a successful PR campaign looks like in today’s media landscape and how we play a role in the achievements of the great brands we represent!

NBC News rounded up the best new products this month, including clean wellness company OLIKA’s re-imagined hand sanitizer which launched in September. With a stamp of approval from the CDC and ergonomic design for a soft touch, the spray is a no-brainer addition this fall. See what else was included here

On September 9-10, Multichannel Merchant brought together leaders across the retail industry for a fully immersive digital experience focused on what brands need to do in order to survive 2020—and ensure longevity. Ben Jones, CEO and Founder of Ohi, spoke on a panel regarding the future of fulfillment, highlighting the company’s unique micro fulfillment platform which is seeing increasing demand amid the e-commerce boom . Learn more about the summit, here.

Looking to tackle that next home project but don’t know where to start? Country Living spoke to Garrett Wade’s Head of Product Development/Merchandising to gather some tips to tackle that next project, read more!

Locus Robotics announced that they’ve achieved 200 million units picked on behalf of their global retail and 3PL partners – breaking industry records ahead of the holidays. Learn more about the outstanding achievement, here.

One Manhattan Dental founders, Dr. Rob Raimondi and Dr. Marc Sclafani were highlighted on Inside Edition speaking to how stress due to the pandemic is taking a toll on the nation’s teeth. Watch the video here.

By creating worlds of experience, giving learners ownership and agency, and helping students unlock creativity, games have the powerful potential to bring impactful learning to life – no matter the distance. In his latest Forbes op/ed, Rob Girling looks at how the gaming industry may be the solution to recreating a more effective, creative digital learning experience. Read the full story,  here.

The Blackberry Crush Hydrating Lip Balm was included as one of the Top 10 Life-Changing Lip Balms by BeautyTap – read here to see why!

In his latest op/ed for Forbes, Emil looks at the growing talent gap in the cybersecurity industry. If talent production continues at today’s pace, the industry will have a real problem on its hands – and it’s only going to get worse. Read the full article – which was selected by Forbes as an Editors Pick! – here.

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