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November 1, 2020

November 2020 Newsletter

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This year has been a year of change. Controlling the narrative is imperative and Brandstyle has worked closely with brand stakeholders to make sure their voice is heard.

Increasingly important for brands this holiday season – from gift guides to state of the industry stories, our team of experts has generated story after story that drives awareness where it matters most being an integral part of the customer journey.

We’re excited to share with you a few of our favorite recent work and we look forward to sharing more. Get in touch with us today to share your immediate goals; we’re always eager to learn more about your business.

The editors at Martha Stewart Living rounded up 40 of their favorite gifts this holiday season, recommending Garrett Wade’s Beautiful Brass Multi-Tool as a gift of “Leisurely Pursuit.”

We agree.

Functional or fun…why do you need to compromise? Inc. rounded up their six favorite gifts this season for that special someone that will put a smile on their face including OLIKA’s Hydrating Sanitizer.  

Check it out here.

Modular fashion has been relegated to menswear for too long, but not anymore.

MARFA STANCE’s Founder, Georgia Dant, spoke with Coveteur about her modular approach to design, allowing garments to be evolve across climates, seasons and occasions. 

We know you want to know more, so check it out

CNBC rounded-up the best gifts for the hard-to-please, including FarmHouse Fresh’s Sweet Tea Harvest Gift Basket. This two-piece set is a no brainer with freshly harvested nutrients whipped into a bar soap and shea butter hand cream – you may just want one for yourself. 

Check out more gifting ideas here.

Design is an inherently collaborative process, so when the pandemic started Artefact Co-Founder and CEO, Rob Girling, was determined to recreate inspiration in a remote environment. 

Girling sat down with Inverse to talk about how Artefact has adapted to remote work. Read more here.

The predicament of the season…shipping deadlines. 
Associated Press spoke with Ben Jones, founder and CEO of Ohi about how small-to-medium sized businesses are turning to micro-warehouses in metropolitan areas to bypass early shipping deadlines and fulfill orders past the first week of December. 

Learn more about what’s happening in retail here.

When Sarah Figueroa launched Geojam in 2019 the goal was to connect people through music, in real life. When events were halted, she decided to connect fans directly to the artists.

The New York Times sat down (virtually) with Sarah to learn more about the pivot and how Geojam rewards fans for their enthusiasm, while compensating artists. A win win. 

We know you’re interested, so give it a read.

In his latest op/ed for Forbes, President and CEO of Ntirety, 
Emil Sayegh opens the narrative on how we all have been put into a virtual time machine and living in a projected world of,  “Zero Trust.” 

Learn more here

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