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May 1, 2021

May 2021 Newsletter

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With Walmart’s sales increasing by 6% in the second quarter, M Science senior analyst, John Tomlinson says it is important for retailers to keep an eye on sales trends as Americans move further away from stimulus induced spending. Especially for Walmart, being one of the retail chains that did extremely well in sales during the pandemic.

Bananas are rich with beneficial ingredients that can hydrate, brighten, and heal damaged skin. Coveteur rounds up the best banana skincare products, featuring FarmHouse Fresh’s Mighty Tighty Turmeric & Banana Tightening Mask.

Golf season is among us and with the US Open around the corner, the New York Post rounds up the golf must-haves for men and women in 2021 including the breathable and functional Devereux Monaco Polos.

Cofounder and CEO of Rivalry, Steven Salz, discusses how the esports betting platform engages and entertains the internet generation, while spreading globally and connecting betters from around the world.

Vogue Business’s Post-Pandemic Playbook explains how micro-fulfilment centers are the direction retailers are headed, offering more flexibility and shorter delivery windows. CMO of Locus Robotics, Karen Leavitt, proposes a hybrid approach to micro-fulfillment of stores setting aside certain hours to fulfil orders, and for them to be entertainment and shopping destinations at other times.

There is a push for automation in warehouses to meet high demands, and Locus Robotics has helped companies like Kenco and Evo meet those demands by providing self-driving robots to help bridge labor gabs and take the pressure off labor recruitment.

Fashion designers are producing smaller sized collections post-pandemic, and sales are showing this is a positive outcome. Marfa Stance founder, Georgia Dant, explains that her brand focuses on buying less and buying better, while being environmentally sustainable with products that will last.

When we pay so much attention to the importance of a quality running shoe, it can be easy to forget that socks are equally as capable of dictating the quality of our run. Granted, running socks weren’t always up to much — every cotton pair resembled a worn washcloth over time. But these days, the best running socks are highly technical, durable and designed to actually fit a human’s foot.

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