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March 1, 2022

March 2022 Newsletter

Brandstyle Communications

Spirit and Grit

With so many challenges over the last few years, we’re also making space to recognize the opportunities we’ve created; one has been establishing a ‘dream team’ of A+ professionals who are as authentically passionate about our vision as we are – prioritizing attributes like resilience, spirit and grit has helped us successfully grow Brandstyle into a bigger and better version of us pre-pandemic. Our dream team is super-intentional about helping you grow your company via successful PR campaigns celebrating your Mission-Driven Brand, your Founder Story, your Funding Rounds and more. We look forward to connecting with you.

Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety, offers his perspective on potential rules of engagement in cyberwarfare and the implications of recent White House’s cybersecurity warnings

Scott Caplan and Scott Pashley, respectively CEO and CRO of EverWash, talk about their technology innovations and how they’re bringing predictable revenue to a highly seasonal industry.

Danny Seo’s included Haven’s Kitchen’s Cook Happy Sweatshirt on the cover of his Spring 2022 Issue, along with a feature of the Golden Turmeric Tahini sauce in his ‘Favorite Things’ story. profiles EverWash as they raise their Series B.

Merino 10 Ultra-Light Socks ranked the best to walk, or trail run. Highlighted for being incredibly lightweight yet durable and a fine blend of merino wool and bamboo for excellent comfort and moisture wicking.

EverWash is highlighted as the Philadelphia MLS club’s first “official car wash membership” partner.

Guardians of Fashion (GOF) brings the fashion industry closer to the metaverse and is already considered the largest modeling and talent agency in the metaverse . Guardians of Fashion seeks to revolutionize the virtual talent industry.

Liz Brody covers what it’s like to work at the FarmHouse Fresh office and animal sanctuary based in McKinney, Texas. Multiple members of the team are highlighted showing the diversity within their business along with a few animal favorites.

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