Tata Harper

Introducing a Pioneer in Natural Luxury Skincare.

Project details.

As one of Tata Harper’s first partners, BSC took a powerful educational approach to elevate the 100% natural products line and its Founder establishing a leader in conversations around efficacy, quality and purity.  Leveraging a proactive strategy that began with a transformation in perception of what a natural and organic beauty product was, and continued with robust Founder positioning - as an authority and ever-present figure at brand-owned events and experiences - allowed for authentic connections with key Customers, Media and Influencers.

To drive these results, when most beauty and skincare brands were focused on media ‘desksides’ and heavy product sampling to preserve brand equity, BSC quickly conceptualized a Natural Technology Summit – a panel of wellness leaders discussing the effectiveness of natural technology in skincare moderated by Tata – to propel a timely conversation around the science and technology of beauty products; BSC invited the top media and key opinion leaders that ultimately established a global event for both the brand and the industry.

The results.

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