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Quiet 3PF (formerly Quiet Logistics) partnered with Brandstyle over eight years ago to drive awareness of the Company’s unique outsourced fulfillment solution, which combines advanced robotics and high-level human touch to deliver unmatched omni-channel fulfillment services to the world’s leading retail brands. Quiet 3PF’s impressive client roster includes companies ranging from big-box retailers Zara and Gilt Groupe, to digitally-savvy brands like Outdoor Voices, Glossier and Mack Weldon.

At the time, Quiet 3PF was one of the first and only users of Kiva Systems robotics; a key differentiator in a 3PL market crowded with traditional, antiquated warehouse companies. Brandstyle saw an opportunity to leverage the company’s forward-thinking use of new technologies to drive significant needle-moving press coverage in a cross section of top-tier business, technology and retail industry outlets – and continues to do so today.

Quiet 3PF remains ahead of the technology curve and today uses autonomous mobile robots to drive productivity and efficiency in their omni-channel fulfillment warehouses throughout the country.

In addition to a consistent drumbeat of brand stories and entrepreneurial profiles, Brandstyle’s PR efforts include supporting Quiet 3PF as they continue to grow and expand throughout the United States – drafting press materials, securing interviews and ultimately driving significant media coverage around company initiatives including key customer announcements, new facility openings, and more.

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