Sublingual Strips for the "Canna-Curious" Consumer.

Project details.

Cannabis startup OLO selected Brandstyle as their communications partner to launch their revolutionary sublingual strip product in the California market. The strips, available in five and 10 mg doses, aimed to transform the edible cannabis experience and ensure users receive a reliable, steady and experiential high - unlike traditional edibles that take longer to kick in and can vary, in terms of potency.


To drive brand awareness around OLO’s new product and market category – and to support sales growth in regions where OLO is available for purchase – Brandstyle kicked off a PR campaign targeting both national and local general news, consumer/lifestyle and cannabis trade media outlets. Beyond product and company stories, Brandstyle also leveraged Founder Andrew Mack’s unique background as a young entrepreneur, to drive thought leadership profiles in a cross section of national business outlets.

Our successful communications campaign positioned OLO and Founder Andrew Mack as category creators, leading a new wave of cannabis for consumers that were curious about consumption but would prefer not to smoke.

The results.

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