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April 2021 Newsletter

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Wirecutter Features Garrett Wade in their Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Wirecutter rounds up the best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts, including the Garrett Wade Heavy-Duty Garden & Garage Broom.

HuffPost Features Garrett Wade in their Roundup of 28 Kitchen Tools and Gadgets People Actually Swear By

HuffPost rounds up the best kitchen tools and gadgets people swear by, including the Garrett Wade Stainless Kitchen / Household Shears


Gear Patrol Rounds up the Essentials you Need to Start a Garden

As new and old hobbies bloomed during the pandemic, gardening became increasingly popular as one of the more calming activities one can do around the home. Gear Patrol assembled a list of essential gardening tools and featured the Garrett Wade Exceptionally Strong Digging Knife.


Robotics: One of the Hottest Items in Warehouses Right Now

As experts project double-digit growth for robotics over the next few years, Locus Robotics CEO, Rick Faulk, provided advice for managers contemplating the use of mobile robotics, highlighting how Locus Robotics’ collaborative multi-bot picking solution can help reduce picker travel and increase the picking productivity by a factor of two or more.

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Warehouse Automation Trends and the Future of Robotics

Locus Robotics CEO, Rick Faulk, speaks with Modern Shipper to discuss the rapid acceleration of warehouse automation in recent years and how the COVID-19 pandemic has only further accelerated that pace. COVID-19 drove Locus Robotics’ business in the past year, with Rick notating that some customers have grown more than 100%.


Business Insider Highlights Instacart’s Power Players

As Instacart added more than 200 new retailers and more than 15,000 new store locations to its marketplace in 2020, M Science added in some additional statistics from their research, noting that Instacart Express subscribers grew about 70% from 2019 to 2020 and by the end of 2020, M Science estimated that Instacart had between 1.8 million and 2.2 million Instacart Express subscribers.


Benzinga Rounds Up the Best Burritos to Eat on National Burrito Day

Thursday, April 1st marked National Burrito Day. Benzinga rounded up their list of the best burritos to eat, noting Chipotle as #4. M Science added in some additional statistics on Chipotle, noting that the chain reported same-store sales growth of 17% to 18% within the first quarter of 2021 and momentum could continue as Chipotle laps the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.